For femte året på rad kan du delta i den finske Resul fire dagers marsjen, fra og med 9. mai til og med 12. mai.

«Walk or run wherever you choose and enjoy exercise and the outdoors, together with thousands of participants across the globe. Simply track your route digitally and upload the results to our system. By completing a minimum distance of 10 km within the four event days, you automatically take part in our raffle for product prizes.»

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RESUL Four Day March has a medal system, which is based on your performance. Your performance class consists of the total distance you complete. The pin number represents the number of years you have achieved performance class(es). See more information on the info page.

You can order medal products from the RESUL-shop. There are also many other products in our store, such as fabric badges and t-shirts, which will be sent to you as soon as possible after your order.

9. -12. mai