Britiske reservister på vintertrening hos NROF avd. Vestfold

Reservistene til Royal Air Force har igjen vært på Rjukan hos NROF avd. Vestfold. Under kan du lese pressemeldingen RAF selv sendte ut i Storbritannia i forbindelse med oppholdet på Hardangervidda.

"Royal Air Force reservists are currently in remote Norway being put through a strenuous week of extreme cold weather survival training and cross-country skiing by Norwegian forces. 

Nearly 50 reservists from 17 squadrons across the UK are taking part in Exercise Wintermarch from 12 to 18 March.

The main focus of the week is learning how to travel effectively through the harsh winter landscape by cross-country skiing. Personnel are also learning skills such as avalanche survival, crevasse rescue, first aid and basic mountain safety.

Foto: Rob Bourne, RAF Reserves

Participant and RAF Regiment gunner, Lance Corporal Justin Ritchings, said: “I like being pushed outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. At some point we will be working with the other exercise participants on operations, so it’s great to meet them and build that rapport on an exercise like this. Who wouldn’t want to do this? Most people would pay money to do this!”

A wide range of personnel and trades are involved, such as regiment gunners, intelligence, logistics and medical personnel. All ranks are taking part on an equal basis, from junior ranks to high-ranking officers.

Foto: Rob Bourne, RAF Reserves

Exercise coordinator, Squadron Leader Alex Redman, said: “This is my first year organising Exercise Wintermarch. I’m impressed by the effort our friends and allies have put in to host us here in Norway. It’s great to see the reservists show their ability to tackle new challenges in unfamiliar terrain – the level of confidence they gain is great for them to take back to their civilian employment.”

En av deltagerne i samtale med instruktør Stig Hvide Smith fra NROF avd. Oslo. Foto: Rob Bourne, RAF Reserves

Exercise Wintermarch is an annual exercise for the RAF Reserves that has taken place for nearly two decades in partnership with the Norwegian Reserve Officers Association.

The exercise takes place each year in Hardangervidda National Park, with instructors from Norway and Denmark who have expert knowledge on the area and the skills needed to survive the hostile winter environment. 

Foto: Rob Bourne, RAF Reserves

Hardangervidda National Park is where British and Norwegian forces used cross-country skiing in the famous Telemark raid to defeat the enemy in World War Two."

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