Invitation to the Norwegian Military Skills Competition 2016

The Norwegian Reserve Officers’ Association organizes every year a challenging field competition, aimed at testing field skills and motivate for further training. The competition is a long patrol mission in daylight and darkness. The competition has tasks such as knowledge of the Defence organization and missions, defense knowledge (including NATO), First Aid/Combat Casualty Care, communications, shooting, obstacle courses, crisis management, leadership and general soldier skills. 

The teams must be self sufficient during the competition. The competition starts Friday evening, when orders are given to the team leaders, and ends Saturday evening. The competitors consist normally of teams from the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as reserves.

Saturday evening, after the competition, there will be a social event and barbecue evening. Award ceremony will be on Sunday morning.

This year's competition will be held the weekend 23rd - 25th of September. The location will be at the old fortress "Høytorp Fort" in Mysen. About 1h 30 minutes South-East from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Quarters will also be at the fortress. There are no need for tents, but bring sleeping bags. Transportation can be arranged from Mysen train station.

The Norwegian Reserve Officers’ Association would like to challenge YOUR nation to send one or more teams to this fascinating competition. The competition focuses on known training elements of basic military skills. Each team must consist of four people and the team leader must be an officer or sergeant.

The competition language will be English when non-Scandinavian teams are participating.

The NROF would be honored to host teams from your nation, and I encourage you to contact us on e-mail or call +47 22 47 82 40 for further information. There is an entry fee of € 125 per team. 

Please send entries with the names and rank of all team members to Please also send us the e-mail address and mobile phone number to the teamleader.


Jørgen Berggrav
Rear Admiral (rtd)
Secretary General
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